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:♪: Elegant gothic & lolita + visual kei :♪:

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La Traviata finally came in the mail. Its so beautiful. The gold really pops against the black!


Me and Molly in fairy inspired outfits.


Another outfit I put together with my Royal Gate JSK. Dress and blouse from Moi-même-Moitié, overskirt from Lady Sariel, h.Naoto chain and offbrand accessories.


An ornate 6 shot wheel-lock revolving musket decorated with gold, silver, ivory, and bone.  Originates from Russia, 16th century, possibly restored or added onto in the 18th or 19th century.


Haenuli X Marchen die Prinzessin collaboration, ‘The Swan Lake’

We are going to start ‘The Swan Lake’.

OPS, High Waist SK :
JSK, Shawl :

Thank you!


HLC had its second fashion show at the Houston Japan Festival. This year’s theme was Enchanted Forest, so Tati and I are the Red Queen and Mad Hatter.

Photo by misslillith


Coords with Excentrique at the enchanted event.

Nearly 30 items from Excentrique are available in Lorina Liddell.

Their corset provides a beautiful silhouette and the finest attention to detail. 



@mariedauphine and I <3 (at Little Tokyo Mall)