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starrylightbox whispered: Teach me your gothic coordinating ways senpai~!


First, you pray to the mighty god, Mana Sama. Then you sacrifice a yard of scalloped lace (Be sure not to use that scratchy, basic lace because this spell will not work) Mix them both in a bowl of black clothing dye and chant “GOTH! GOTH! LOLI! LOLI!” And out pops the perfect gothic lolita coord!~

That awkward moment when you reblog to the wrong blog. orz






I had a photoshooting in berlin for a magazine and suddenly some random girl in the background started laughing and pointing at me and called me a tranny. the photographer don’t stopped taking pics and so this shot happend. it was very strange. but that’s happening in germany all day. in fact when I wear lolita people on the street call me a whore or a cunt. I am used to it now.”
-Fahrlight’s (lolita in photo) own words.

and yet she looks bitchin next to these basic bakas





things I want to wear



Twin-tailed 18-year-old Harajuku goth girl Ringo wearing an h.NAOTO corset with an Algonquins tutu, striped socks and lots of cool accessories. Full Look



"So he picked up the leaves and laid one of them on the mouth of his dead wife, and the two others on her eyes. And hardly had he done this than the blood stirred in her veins, rose into her pale face, and colored it again. Then she drew breath, opened her eyes, and asked, ‘Ah, God, where am I?’

'You are with me, dear wife,' he answered, and told her how everything had happened, and how he had brought her back again to life… But a change had taken place in her. After she had been restored to life, it seemed as if all love for her husband had gone out of her heart.”

— excerpt from “The Three Snake-Leaves” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

skirt, rose corsage: Victorian Maiden

necklace: Alice and the Pirates

parasol: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

rose bow: h.Naoto FRILL

blouse, corset: thrift shop finds

bonnet: handmade

urg this is beautiful


Hi ! It’s Yumi, Kawaii Ambassador from France.

I want to share pretty twin pictures I made with my dear friend Wolfling Zephyr. She’s the designer of the dresses released for her brand AmaStacia.


We’re announce next dress : The Goose Girl

We’ve just finished the photo select some pictures. I’ll write reservation notice post. Please wait for more while we will update in this weekend.

So glad to we can show you our ‘The Goose Girl’ dress.

Reservation start date is Aug 18th.

Thank you! 

Selfies wearing Sweets Town but my phone takes crappy quality pictures. :/



Copic marker and ink on Canson.


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