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Look what just arrived! Time to take photos!!

Important regarding Ameba Fairy Kei and Lolita girls : ▷


A few months back I was reading through an old 2chan thread (a japanese forum) about fairy kei, and I came across something that worried me.

The Japanese girls were worried about the fact that tumblr users were stealing their pictures, and didn’t want them stolen whether they…


Photos of my outfit for Masquerade themed lolita party.

Thanks JustMoolti once again!

Clothes: dress, shirt - Angelic Pretty, vest - h.Naoto Frill, hat - handmade


mini512 (crooz)


Me at Masquerade lolita party in Moscow
Thanx JustMoolti for the great photo


Finally done this set! I put up preorders over on storenvy for these charms, and I’ll also be bringing them to rufflecon~

Each charm is on metalic gold acrylic so I designed the coordinates to have some of the gold show through.


(Fake)END4 - The Silence sea

It is an idea about Wadonohara if she was faced to the death of everyone (about the ending in the fight between both two sea) and what she will finally turned out to be. (Or maybe she finally gave everything an endless sleep seems to be worked for it…)

The another version of the sea witch which is different from the red one. Instead, it presents the “silence of death”.

"No Arrogance, No life can be sensed, it is a totally silence great ocean"

**Caution** It is an out-of-character derivative idea about Wadanohara, I know it might not be acceptable to everyone. Sorry for making you uncomfortable. If the original author (海底囚人) feels any uncomfortable, I will delete this post as soon as possible.

Thanks for everyone if you are interested in this design.


Option A for the tea party: I call this my elder-loli coord. Everything is released at least 5-6 years ago. I also want to make a chiffon train with handmade silk fabric roses, but not sure I’ll have time to finish.

Bolero is Metamorphose, jsk is JetJ, tulle petticoat is body line, vintage hat.

iamurvillain said:

It’s so hard to get a hold of triple fortune items I AM SO SORRY!! I hope you can find one soon!

Someday I’ll get one…someday. (╥‿╥)

Hold up. Are you telling me I could have ordered the black and red Triple Fortune bonnet I wanted through the Kera site all this time and now they’re sold out??

Triple Fortune in Kerashop online

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